Ball Bearing Throttle Tubes

Throttle tube is mounted on a bearing and because of this we managed to reduce clearance on entire grip. This help minimalize vibrations and gives you more accurate throttle control.

Narrow Grips

We designed our grips extra narrow in order to reduce arm pump and preserve comfort during ride.

Lock-On Technology

The left grip is secured by tightening the screw. There is no need for glue. Use the relevant cam, then fit the throttle tube on the bearing and install it just like the original part.

Solid plastic end caps

During grip development we put emphasis on preventing the grip from tearing during light crashes. Solid plastic end caps help prevent grip damage.

Zero offset

The bearing on the throttle tube creates an offset on the right grip. The left grip includes this offset as well, so the riders hands are not shifted to one side.

Throttle tube replacement insert

This part can be purchased separately and it’s needed for correct usage. The size of this part is given by the inner diameter of the handlebar pipe. Its lifespan is far longer than the lifespan of the grip. We manufacture three different sizes. You can choose the right size by referring to the guide below.

The ~14mm replacement tube is suitable for handlebars Renthal 22mm, ProTaper Evo, original KTM HUSQVARNA GASGAS and others. 

Throttle tube replacement insert for inner handlebars pipe diameter ~14.5mm is suitable for handlebars Renthal Fatbar, Odi Podium CFT, all handlebars from Neken expect SHF and others. 

Throttle tube replacement insert for inner handlebars pipe diameter ~15.5mm is suitable for handlebars Renthal TwinWall and others. 

Removable cams

Every package of grips includes five types of cams so it will fit on most types of motorcycles. The cam shape you need depends on your motorcycle type. You can choose the right shape by referring to the guide below.

CRF250R/250X 2002–2022
CRF450R/450RX/450X 2002–2022

KX250F/450F 2004–2022
RM-Z250/450 2004–2022
YZ250F/WR250F 2001–2022
YZ450F/426F/400F 1998–2022
WR450F/426F/400F 1999–2022

SX-F/XC-F 250/350/450 2016–2022
EXC-F/XCF-W 250/350/450/500 2017–2022
FC 250/350/450 2016–2022
FE/FX 250/350/450/501 2017-2022
MC/EC 250F/350F/450F 2021-2022

YZ125/250 1993-2022
RM125/250 1992-2008
KX125/250 1993-2007

SX/EXC/XC/XC-W 125/150/250/300 2017-2022
TC/TE/TX 125/250/300 2017-2022
MC/EC 125/250/300 2021-2022
SX/MC/TC 85 2020-2022

How to install grips

No aceton cleaner!